Unifam is Ready to Seize the Opportunity for the Recovery of the FMCG Sector

Post On 08 Mar 2021

Despite the continuing economic impact of the pandemic, the level of consumers' intention to shop from consumers is increasing.

The latest study from Nielsen shows that the amount of public spending in early 2021 is still small compared to last year. But Nielsen sees that there has been a recovery in public spending on all fast-moving goods (FMCG) sectors since the third quarter of 2020.

Household consumption continues to show a positive trend. The upper-class people can still shop from many categories and can take advantage of digital platforms to shop. The middle class continues to adapt to shop more efficiently. Meanwhile, the lower class people still focus on spending on necessities and health products.

Traditional shops are also slowly returning to their normal activities. E-commerce platforms have also continued to grow as more and more people shop online.

Along with the latest research, PT United Family Food (Unifam) is optimistic that consumer product sales will continue to grow this year. Management believes that the sales trend has now begun to recover and is showing an increasing trend.

COO Unifam, Wishnu Pramuji said that Unifam continues to see opportunities that can be penetrated. So that sales can increase from the previous year.

"We will focus on strengthening our competitiveness by building and maintaining a strong brand equity and ensuring sustainable product innovation," said Wishnu.

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Another advantage is that many Unifam products have become market leaders such as Milkita Candy, Milkita Lolipop, Jagoan Neon, Pino Candy, Sweet Thick Milkita, and others. In terms of awareness, brand equity, to top of mind, it is clear that these all provide benefits for Unifam because consumers tend to choose or consume brands that they already trust.

Although there are various food and beverage brands in the market, the Unifam brand remains superior because the consumer trusts the quality of its products. These factors have kept the penetration of the Unifam brand high in the market.

During the pandemic, it is also momentum to present new products. During a pandemic, there must be a change in consumer needs to ensure health to survive. Unifam itself responded with product innovation and introduced a new product, Pino Jelly.

"As the biggest FMCG industry player in Indonesia, we must always strive to be able to increase agility, expansion, and continue to see opportunities not only to survive but also to increase competitiveness," he concluded.

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