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Unifam Launches Pino Jelly, Healthy Snacks for Family

Post On 03 Feb 2021

Entering 2021, PT United Family Food (Unifam) remains committed to launching quality products that have beneficial values ??for loyal consumers. One of the product innovations made, Unifam succeeded in releasing a high fiber food product, namely Pino Jelly High Vit C.

At this time when health is a demand in life amid a pandemic, the need for food products that have high nutritional value is a must. Pino Jelly comes with various advantages to help maintain the health of family members. Pino Jelly, which is intended for all people, from children to adults, is expected to be a healthy snack for families.

"We see Pino Jelly as a breakthrough for Unifam in 2021. Our commitment to innovate is one way to strengthen the market share of Unifam products. We position Pino Jelly as a healthy snack for all family members. Has low calories so it is safe for daily consumption. The high content of vitamin C is an added value of this product and greatly adapts to the needs of a pandemic. In addition, the high fiber content can also help nourish the digestive tract coupled with the fresh fruit taste makes us eat guilt-free, "said Handojo Noegroho Assistant Vice President Marketing of PT United Family Food.

So far, the Pino brand has long been known as the brand of choice for Indonesian families for family desserts through the Pino Ice Cup. However, with the launch of Pino Jelly High Vit C, it will certainly increase the variety of healthy snack choices for families.

High Nutrient Content in Pino Jelly

Amid various jelly products today, Pino Jelly has the advantage of having a high vitamin C content. This can help maintain endurance every day. The calories contained in Pino Jelly are classified as low at 70 calories/cup so it is safe for daily consumption.

In addition, Pino Jelly is made from konjac, a food processed from Japanese sweet potato. Konnyaku itself is suitable for consumption for those who are very concerned about health in food. The high fiber content can improve digestion to help achieve normal body weight.

Pino Jelly is available in the aroma and taste of fresh fruits, namely mango and pineapple with a cup size of 90 grams. The practicality of Pino Jelly makes it can be consumed immediately and will be more delicious if consumed in cold conditions.

For the convenience of consumers getting Pino Jelly, Unifam has presented it in the nearest stores and online at Unifam's official marketplace, namely Tokopedia and Shopee. Of course, various attractive promos for purchases on the marketplace will be available for consumers. Pino Jelly will be available online this February 2021.

In 2021, Unifam believes that the food and beverage product market will still be able to grow further. Supported by economic growth that can develop and public awareness of healthy food intake which continues to be in high demand.

"We will continue to innovate to develop products that are healthy and suitable to the tastes of Indonesian families. Because Unifam as a food producer will certainly continue to be committed to making a positive contribution to people's health, "Handojo concluded.


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