Apply These Five Strategies to Prepare Children for Online Exam Week

Post On 27 May 2021

During the Covid-19 pandemic, practically the teaching and learning activities of students had to be done at home online. Likewise, exams must be done online. As parents, it is appropriate to accompany your children to prepare for the online exam. How is the model of assistance? Take a look at the tips below.

1. Prioritize understanding

Make sure the children understand the concepts in the learners. That way, he will not only memorize formulas or theories because he will easily forget. By understanding the concepts being taught, it helps children when facing questions on school exams. Parents can also provide practice test questions or daily tests that have been done.

2. Build self-confidence

Teach your children to be brave by showing that you believe they can pass tests, even when they are nervous. Spreading positive feelings is a concrete form of their support for success.

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3. Discuss problem-solving

Invite children to discuss not only the material to be tested but also how to deal with the exam strategy. Like for example doing the easy things first.

4. Provide Nutritious Food

Your child will have their final semester exams. He must increase his concentration so that the subject matter is easy to understand. Prepare nutritious meals before the test.

For example, giving fruit containing vitamin C, such as oranges, tomatoes, guava, can increase the child's immune system. You can also give them a Milkita snack that is suitable for children to consume during exam preparation.

Milkita candy has many flavors (Strawberry, Melon, Chocolate, Mango, Orange, and Grape) so it doesn't make children bored while studying. Milkita candy and Milkita Lollipop, not milk-flavored candy but milk candy made with real milk, so there is milky goodness in Milkita candy. Milkita Candy is also high in Calcium made with milk from New Zealand and is the perfect blend of milk and fruit.

5. Give Children Rest

Don't pressure your child to study for 2 hours non-stop on the test tomorrow. Of course, a good way of learning is to study regularly, so that children don't need to overexert themselves the night before the test arrives. Give children the opportunity to rest when they begin to have difficulty concentrating, whether by listening to music, watching funny short videos, or other things that can refresh their heads.

The night before the exam is not an endless study time. This is the fifth way to help children prepare for exams.

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