Unifam Products Become a Reflection of Susylia Sukana's Motherhood

Post On 20 Apr 2021

R.A Kartini has indeed inspired Indonesian women in modern times. One of the distinguishing characteristics of this aristocrat from Jepara is that she does not want to give up and is brave enough to take risks. She dared to take a stance against the grain.

Kartini's figure is also depicted as a woman who is passionate about fighting for gender equality. Even thanks to Kartini, many great leaders emerged from the Eve.

If only Mrs. Raden Adjeng Kartini were still around today, she might be proud of Susylia Sukana, founder and owner of Unifam. His nickname, Susy, has now succeeded in making Unifam a food and beverage company whose products are present in foreign countries.

This woman who graduated from Chemical Engineering, Cheng Kung University, Taiwan is also known to be tough. How could he not, in 1985 when the business he had started was not going well, Susy had to accept the fact that his older brother, Harsono Pangjaya, left him forever.

Harsono died after undergoing a long medical treatment due to nose cancer which he had suffered since 1978. Before dying, Susy had promised his only older brother, who was then in a coma.

"You don't have to worry, I'll take care of your mother, wife, and children," promised Susy to his brother. Among other brothers, Susy is the closest to Harsono. Shortly after hearing Susy's promise, Harsono left quietly.

After Harsono's death, Susy was alone in running a confectionery business which was still losing money for about six years. However, Susy didn't just give up. She rose from sorrow and thought hard about how to survive.

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"It is like a person breathing that gradually runs out. At that time I chose to stay. At least, I have to survive and don't let the oxygen run out, ” she said.

At that time he had to assume two responsibilities at once. Continuing business and fulfilling his promise to his brother. Namely taking over the role of parents for his seven nephews (Harsono's children).

Susy also worked hard to make sure everything went hand in hand and got to the destination. She arranged in such a way that all of his nephews could stay in school and continue their education to college. Unmitigated from the seven sons and daughters of Harsono, six of whom were sent to study in America.

"That promise makes me have to survive and continue this business. At that time I thought that the company would close down, poor kids. Moreover, they are still small. Because of that intention, God gave me a way and I am grateful so that my task is completed. All of my seven nieces and nephews can study at least undergraduate degrees, six in America, one in Indonesia, ”said Susy.

Susy's closest people also called her a woman who was gentle and motherly. Even so, behind her tenderness, Susylia Sukana is a woman who is tough, disciplined, hardworking, and frugal. She is not an ordinary woman.

He can carry out many roles so he can be relied on in both the family and the company. Susy is very good at dividing her role. When did she play the role of a wife and mother of four sons and daughters, and when should she position herself as a leader of a company as big as Unifam. The key is only one, discipline.

"Discipline is very important. Time to work yes to work, finish work in the office. Don't bring work home. And Saturday, Sunday, don't work, "he said.

Amid her busy schedule, Susy always tries to take advantage of her vacation time to gather with family. So that even though she spends more time in the office, she still has quality time with her husband and children.

Like a mother to her child, Susy always wants to create or serve healthy food for her children. Likewise, he continues to create healthy products for Indonesian children to help improve the fulfillment of the nutritional needs of Indonesian children.

For example, Milkita, the milk candy produced by Unifam is not just candy but there are additional vitamins and calcium. Likewise with Sweetened Condensed Milkita which is also 100% made from fresh milk. From this, it can be seen how Susy who is also a mother wants to always give the best for Indonesian families.

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