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Milkita Wins Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2021 For Being Digitally Popular

Post On 01 Sep 2021

Milkita, one of the flagship products from PT United Family Food (Unifam) won the Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award (IDPBA) 2021 in the milk candy category. In an online award ceremony (27/8), Milkita became one of the most popular brands for internet users based on a digital survey conducted by INFOBRAND.ID, TRAS N CO Indonesia, and IMFocus.

Wishnu Pramuji, COO of Unifam said, “I want to thank the Indonesian people for the trust of the Indonesian people in the Milkita brand. This award is a testament to the consistency and success of Milkita's customer experience strategy, both online (digital) and offline (activation) through the various campaigns we carry out. This award further spurs Unifam to continue to provide value in every marketing strategy to answer the needs of the Indonesian people according to our company's vision of becoming a World-Class Player in the Food Industry”.

The Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award (IDPBA) is a prestigious appreciation and recognition for brands in Indonesia that have succeeded in building popularity and increasing their brand activities through Digital Media (Internet) so that they are superior and popular compared to other brands in similar categories. The Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Index 2021 Phase III research was conducted in April – June 2021 on more than 1,000 researched brands from 150 product/service categories. The research uses Netizen votes with 3 digital assessment parameters, namely: Search Engine Based, Social Media Based and Website Based. From these three parameters, Milkita got a total score of 54.16%.

Milkita's success in achieving IDPBA 2021 cannot be separated from the innovations made to always exist amid Indonesian society through various digital activities. For example, Milkita is always active through her social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube), and also e-commerce (Amazon, Tokopedia, Shopee). Not only that, to stay close to consumers, Milkita also regularly holds activities such as the #DariRumah JadiBerkah campaign, #MySweetMoments, and Curcolan Mam's live Instagram, etc.

Milkita's existence does not only dominate the domestic market, Unifam's export activities are dominated by Milkita products. As many as 20 countries have become markets for Milkita products including America, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Korea, Taiwan, and others. Milkita will also continue to expand its market globally as a brand from Indonesia, one of which is in the Middle East.

Milkita is the pioneer of milk candy in Indonesia and has been serving families in Indonesia for more than 20 years. Made from Fresh Cow's Milk, so Milkita contains a variety of nutritional goodness from milk to increase intelligence and creativity. In addition, Milkita is also high in Calcium so it is good for helping the development of bones and teeth so it is good for consumption by children and all family members. Currently, Milkita is packaged with a modern design that is equipped with a unique and funny cow character named "Milki".

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