Milkita Milk Candy Was Born Out of Concern about the Low Milk Consumption of Indonesian Children

Post On 05 Feb 2021

Have you ever tasted Milkita milk candy? If so, how does it taste? It's delicious plus nutritious too. Well, this Milkita milk candy has been circulating overseas. Starting from Vietnam, the Philippines, China, the United States, and so on. But do you know the origin of this legendary candy from Unifam?

Okay, go straight on. After the success with the flavored confectionery product, Susylia Sukana who is the Founder of Unifam, started thinking about other products that don't exist yet. Products that can provide great benefits to consumers.

Susy, as she is usually called, researched markets and products suitable for Indonesian families in the years 1995-1996. From his research, it was revealed that the nutrition facts of Indonesian children at that time had not been fulfilled properly. Then added with the low level of milk consumption.

From here, the candy manufacturing company Unican, the beginning of the Unifam company, started to create healthy snacks. That way Indonesian children can grow up healthier and smarter. Then came the idea of ??making milk candy products.

Through this product, Unifam hopes that children can consume candy and feel the benefits of the milk contained in it. As a result, Milkita was named as the label for this milk candy product.

The person in charge of this product is the Vice President for Research & Development at Unifam Suniarti Pangjaya. The Milkita milk candy project was immediately mandated to Suniarti when she returned to Indonesia after completing her studies in the United States.

“The biggest project I have worked on is Milkita. When I come home. Bu Susy assigned me to monitor the new factory project Cikande. From zero to building to filling machines and Milkita soft candy production. At that time we collaborated with Dasatria. The construction company owned by Mrs. Susy's husband, Rusli Wijaya, ”explained Suniarti.

The first Milkita milk candy soft candy formula was also carried out by Mr. Iwai, a consultant from Japan who helped Susy a lot in the early days of her business.

"The development starts from selecting the taste, balancing the production time, all from me. Meanwhile, the first formulation came from a Japanese consultant, Mr. Iwai. He is a kind person and has a lot of knowledge transfer to me. From 1995 to 2005, ”added Suniarti.

At the beginning of Milkita's milk candy production, Suniarti admitted to having experienced periods where the candy was broken and sticky.

However, Suniarti and Mr. Iwai kept working to find a solution until they found the perfect formula. After finding the right formula for Milkita's Milk Candy, Suniarti returned to developing other products. One of them is Milkita Sweetened Condensed Milk, which is now Unifam's second flagship product after Milkita's milk candy.

The beginning of the development of Milkita's milk candy was very challenging for Suniarti and Mr. Iwai. This is because previously Unican produced more hard candy. Meanwhile, Milkita milk candy is soft candy.

“The soft candy confectionery production process is very challenging. Because before, you could only make hard candy. When I first made a formula, it failed continuously until the perfect formula was created. In that experiment, tons of materials were wasted, ”said Usman Effendy, who at that time was responsible as SPV for all rooms starting from cooking, wrapping, and finishing at the Kapuk factory.

To accommodate her new product, Susy deliberately set up a second factory specifically for the production of Milkita soft candy. The location is seven hectares in Cikande, Serang, Banten. In 1995 Susy asked Usman to set up his new factory Cikande.

"In 1996, I was asked to set up a new factory, from zero lands, layout design, Mechanical Electrical, I was the lead. Under the supervision of Mrs. Amelia and Mrs. Suniarti, "said Usman.

Until now, Milkita Milk Candy has become the choice of Indonesian families. Especially for children who need additional nutrition that can be obtained from Milkita Milk candy which is rich in calcium.
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