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Unifam Participates in Anufood China 2021 to Expand Product Distribution in China

Post On 30 Apr 2021

Jakarta, April 30th, 2021 - To expand the market and distribution of its products, PT United Family Food (Unifam) a leading food and beverage company in Indonesia participated in the Anufood 2021 exhibition, Shenzhen China on 21-23 April 2021. This participation is a form of Unifam's commitment to strengthen business in China which continues to grow every year. In addition, this participation is also to fulfill the invitation of the Government of Indonesia through ITPC Shanghai to fill the Indonesian Pavilion at Anufood 2021.

"Previously, we would like to thank the Indonesian Government for facilitating Unifam's participation in Anufood 2021. This participation is the first for Unifam, and is our way to expand the presence of Unifam products in China. In addition, we also hope that taking part in this exhibition can open up opportunities to expand the distribution network through the new sub-distributors who are present, "said Albert Lin, AVP International Business of PT United Family Food.

For Unifam, China has huge market potential. This is evidenced by the value of China's imports of sugar & confectionery products which continues to grow from year to year. Based on internal data, sales growth of Unifam products to China is around 50-60% annually on average. To support this growth, Unifam continues to adapt and compete in the market through creative promotion and sales mechanisms. At Anufood 2021 itself, Unifam brings three products, namely Milkita Candy, Milkita Lollipop, and Super Zuper Lollipop VIT-C 100.

One of Unifam's flagship products that were greeted positively by the Chinese community is Milkita. Because it is made from real fresh milk and contains the goodness of calcium, this product is good and safe for consumption by children as an energy boost. With this advantage, Milkita can be accepted and can compete with similar products in the Chinese market. In the future, Unifam targets the export business to China to continue to grow and become one of the stronger business pillars for the company. This is in line with Unifam's vision to become a world-class player in the food industry and certainly a product of pride for Indonesia in the world.

Regarding Anufood 2021, the Head of ITPC Shanghai, Indra Prahasta said that the participation of food and beverage companies from Indonesia achieved positive results. "As many as six Indonesian food and beverage companies that participated in Anufood China 2021 managed to book transactions of Rp. 250 million in direct sales on the exhibition floor (business to customers) and recorded potential transactions of more than Rp. 764 million (business to business)," he explained.

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