Story of Struggle in Establishing Unifam's First Factory

Post On 12 Mar 2021

The birth of various products and innovations from PT United Family Food (Unifam) is certainly not the result of overnight work. The hard work of the founders of Unifam and also all employees has enabled Unifam to remain victorious for 40 years.

One of the silent witnesses to this history came from the first Unifam factory in North Jakarta. From the factory, each employee focuses on prioritizing quality and taste to be accepted by all consumers. However, the journey to the birth of the factory was not easy.

In 1981, the founder of Unifam Group, Harsono Pangjaya together with Susylia Sukana began looking for land to build their first factory. As a migrant from Makassar City to the capital city of Jakarta, finding a suitable location to become a factory is certainly not an easy matter.

Moreover, they have no relations, relatives, and friends. Only with determination and high will. "They both ride motorcycle taxis every day to find land to become a factory," said Surianto Pangjaya, Harsono's first son.

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Precisely on May 4, 1981, the first UNIFAM (PT United Family Food) was established under the name UNICAN (PT Unican Surya Agung). As a newcomer to the confectionery (candy) industry, UNICAN at that time started its first production at a factory located in the Kapuk area, Kamal Raya, North Jakarta.

At that time, apart from the factory functioning as a place of production, it also doubled as an office. Until finally having a separate office in the Sunrise Garden area very small in size.

With a limited number of employees (60 people), the founder is confident that UNICAN's products will succeed in penetrating the market. In the same year, the factory officially produced various candy brands such as Topsy, Fancy, Choco Roll, and Milk Roll. One year later, the cooking machines and wrapping machines imported from Taiwan were installed.

From the Unican factory, a variety of candies with safe and healthy ingredients were born for the good of consumers. Quality is a core value in every product manufacture.

Furthermore, in 1996 the second factory was established in Cikande, Serang, Banten which still stands today in the second factory, Unifam produces candy, such as Milkita, Super Zuper, and Jagoan Neon as well as other products, including Sweetened Condensed Milkita, Pino Ice Cup, and Kiko Ice Stick.

Until now, Unifam's products have not only triumphed domestically but also abroad. Unifam now has branches in four major countries, such as the United States (US), Vietnam, the Philippines, & China, and has been exporting since 2003.

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