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Persons with Disabilities Get Covid-19 Vaccines at Unifam's "Vaksin Ceria" Center

Post On 27 Aug 2021

As an effort to support the government's steps in fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic, PT United Family Food (Unifam), a leading food and beverage company in Indonesia, continued the second phase of the "Cheerful Vaccine" activity together with the West Jakarta Metro Police. Continuing the previous activity, "Vaksin Ceria" is specifically for ages 12 and over and will be held on 18-25 August 2021 at SMAN 2 Jakarta & SMAN 33 Jakarta.

Unifam CEO, Steven Wijaya said, "The incessant implementation of vaccines carried out in the past two months is an effort that has been made by many parties to finally contribute to reducing 78% of COVID-19 cases nationally since last June. We hope that the Ceria Vaccine Center that we organize can help the community in accessing vaccine facilities. In this second stage, Unifam, in collaboration with the Tren Indonesia Foundation, also provides vaccines for children with disabilities which will certainly help maintain their health amid a pandemic."

The second phase of the "Cheerful Vaccine" activity was special because, at the beginning of the opening of the second phase of the vaccine center, Unifam and the West Jakarta Metro Police provided facilities for 49 children with disabilities to get the Covid-19 vaccine. This is a form of support for the Government is focusing on accelerating the implementation of vaccinations for Disability Groups in six provinces in Java and Bali.

Meanwhile, during the seven-day implementation of the Ceria Vaccine Center in two places, it has succeeded in providing vaccines to 3,665 people. The vaccine recipients were dominated by a junior high school to high school students who received the second dose of vaccine using the Sinovac vaccine. But on the same occasion, the vaccine center also received the first dose of vaccine with AstraZeneca.

As a form of appreciation, the National Police had the opportunity to hand over social assistance in the form of necessities to 20 health workers on duty at the Unifam Ceria Vaccine Center. The handover was given by the Supervision of the Inspectorate of the Police Headquarters on the last day of administering the vaccine.

For information, this “Cheerful Vaccine” activity is part of Unifam Care For Society CSR activities. Unifam Care For Society is one of the three pillars of corporate social responsibility (CSR) which focuses on fostering and contributing positively to the lives of the people in Unifam's operational environment.

Not only Unifam Care For Society, but other pillars are also Unifam Care For Environment and Unifam Care For Wellness. In Unifam Care For Environment, Unifam is fully committed to reducing environmental impact in all areas of its operations. While Unifam Care For Wellness, Unifam respects everyone through a positive culture by promoting diversity and freedom of thought to create strong and happy individuals.

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