Looking Back At The Story of The Birth Of The Unifam Group

Post On 12 Mar 2021

The forerunner of the Unifam Group originated from the big idea of ??Harsono Pangjaya. The fourth son of eight children from the couple Fong Bung Kong and Eng Woei Sun is the only son in the family. As the only son, in Chinese family culture, Harsono is obliged to continue his family business, namely as a gold trader in Makassar City. So that Harsono could not continue his studies until college. While the younger siblings are given the opportunity to continue their studies.

Harsono is also quite observant in capturing future business trends. At that time Harsono thought other businesses could be developed besides the gold business. The business that leads to industry. Feeling that the gold shop business alone would not be enough, he then gathered all of his siblings including Susylia Sukana (Harsono's sister) who eventually became the executor of his business idea.

The story begins when Susy is about to go to Taiwan to continue her studies. After graduating from college in 1974, Susy returned to Indonesia. Although he already holds a Chemical Engineering degree, at that time Susy felt that he did not have any experience and felt that it was not time to build a business. “I don't have any experience yet. It's not yet time (to build a business), I have to find work experience first, ”said Susy to Harsono.

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Armed with a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, Susy chose to work in a chemical factory, and immediately assumed responsibility as head of the factory at a saccharin company in Cibinong, West Java. An opportunity he had never imagined before. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, Susy worked in earnest. There is no dictionary rest in his life.

After working for about five years, Susy felt it was time to help her brother to create a business that led to the industry. Although at that time he did not know what business it would be. Armed with five years of work experience as factory head, Susy returned to Makassar and met Harsono.

When deciding to leave the factory, Susy received information from her former boss, Mr. Fang, about a good business opportunity, namely the peanut candy business that was on the rise in Taiwan. From there, sparked the idea of ??making a candy business (candy). These brothers and sisters also agreed to build a candy business called PT Unican Surya Agung.

Unican is an acronym for Uni and Can, which means both. The word Union is taken from UnitedCan, a very large factory at that time that produced cans.

"Koko, I have an aspiration that our candy factory will be big like UnitedCan," said Susy.

Meanwhile, the word Can is taken from the word Candy (candy). "Then the word SURYA is taken from the name of the gold shop owned by our parents in Makassar. Meanwhile, Agung is only an additional name because it has to be three names, ”explained Susy. The brothers and sisters group was increasingly materialized. In 1981 they established their first factory in the Kapuk area, Kamal.

Susylia became the executor of her sister's big ideas and made them happen, resulting in the UNIFAM Group business that has grown to this day. The collaboration of these two brothers gave birth to extraordinary business strength. Even though the role of her brother was very short, forcing Susy to have a one-man show in raising the business they had started, with full of struggle and hard work, Susy was finally able to navigate her business journey successfully even though she was alone.

With the full support of her husband, Susy has managed to become a captain to be able to carry the big ship Unifam across her business and grow as a well-known consumer goods industry player in Indonesia to this day.

Time is running fast, times have changed, business competition is getting fierce. Susy realized that the company she built with her beloved brother had grown bigger and bigger, and she could not continue with one-man shows. Susy felt overwhelmed feeling overwhelmed. 30 years as CEO in charge of four manufacturing companies, PT Unican Surya Agung, PT Pandaria Makmur, PT Fonusa Agung Mulia, and PT United Surya Agung is not a short time.

Susy felt it was time to take a step back to allow the younger generation to go one step further. A generation that is more energetic, more visionary, with all their brilliant ideas which according to him will be better able to answer business challenges in the future.

Finally, Susy appointed his first son Steven Erwin Wijaya to continue the leadership stick. Under Steven, Unican has now changed its name to PT United Family Food (Unifam). This Unifam Group has become the umbrella for several previous companies and transformed into a professional company but still has a family spirit in it.

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