Can Eating Candy Damage Your Children's Teeth? These are the facts!

Post On 18 Mar 2021

Another dilemma hit you when you have to give candy to children. This is due to rumors that the effect of candy on children's teeth is not good. Made it damaged.

Eating candy and chocolate can indeed cause toothache. The sugar contained in candy and chocolate can damage teeth. Teeth that are too long exposed to sugar, over time it makes bacteria and germs release acid. This acid will damage the teeth and form caries

We recommend that, since the child has their first teeth (around the age of 6 months), the oral cavity examination should be undertaken. This is done to minimize the risk of dental caries.

When a child's first tooth appears, parents must clean the tooth, at least 2 times a day (morning and night). After each child finishes eating, clean his teeth with a damp cloth. However, if the child's teeth have begun to tighten, use dental floss, floss for teeth, at least once a day.

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When you are 2 years old, teach your child to brush their teeth. However, the control and concentration mechanisms for children at that age are still inadequate to create good dental health conditions.

Teach children to brush their teeth carefully, correctly, and thoroughly. Assist the child by making some kind of light play so that the brushing process runs smoothly without feeling forced.

Apart from brushing your teeth regularly, dental health is also influenced by the food you eat. After consuming sugary drinks that contain lots of sugar such as fruit juices, smoothies, and soft drinks, drink lots of water. The same thing you can do after eating acidic fruits such as oranges, lemons, and limes.

But don't worry about cavities for children. Parents can provide candy that is safe for children's teeth. One of them is the OMG Lollipop Milkita Candy (new Orange, Mango, Grape flavor) which is made from the best-selected ingredients and is also high in calcium to help develop bones and teeth.

The source of calcium comes from fresh cow's milk, so it has various advantages of milk to increase energy. And, both consumed by children and all family members. If a child consumes 3 Milkita Lollipops, it has the same calories as a glass of milk, so it can increase energy.

Milkita Lollipop is available in Chocolate, Strawberry, Melon, Mango, Orange, Grape flavors. It tastes good to be a snack for children studying at home.

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