Five Fun Activity Ideas for Kids During the Fasting Month

Post On 21 Apr 2021

Not only fun but this month's joint activities can also be used to strengthen the relationship between parents and children. Here are five kinds of exciting activities during the month of Ramadan

1. Cook together

Children feel valued when asked for their opinions. So, invite them to discuss designing a food menu. Make a list of the food menu that becomes their wishlist and arrange it as an iftar menu as far as possible.

If you want to make the activity more fun, make it a kind of game to determine the date the menu will come out. For example, by writing a menu on paper, then drawing a kind of social gathering to come out on a certain date.

Kids love to be involved. Also invite the children to participate in preparing the food, starting with what they can, such as washing food, chopping vegetables, or helping to stir food in the pan.

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2. Read Books

More at home, there is also a possibility that the child will find it more difficult to get out of the device. They are surrounded by televisions, computers/laptops, tablets, or cell phones. All digital entertainment is very easily accessible.

To compensate for this, accompany the children to read books on the theme of Ramadan. This activity will make your little one more motivated to build an understanding of his beliefs as a Muslim.

Choose picture books that tell the stories of the Prophets which are packaged in such a way for small children the age of their beloved mother's child. After that, discuss the moral values ??and valuable lessons learned from the story.

3. Sharing

Ramadan is a good time to be more empathetic towards your surroundings. Moreover, many people have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Fun activities for children that can be done by teaching children to share.

Teach him to set aside pocket money or divert the budget for an event or birthday gift into a donation if it happens to be a birthday. Children can be invited to choose what or who the alms are for.

With language that is easy to understand, start by asking them to chat about anyone affected by Covid-19 or who is still not as fortunate as us. Then, discuss ways that might be appropriate to help.

4. Playing Games

Games are one of the most fun ways that your little one will love. If you have been giving your little one toys more often, maybe now is the time to play with him.

You can even create games that are fun to play with your family. For example, playing puzzles to find certain items in the house, then the winner is free to choose the iftar menu. Or play riddles related to Islamic stories or short letters in the Koran. Can play while studying, okay!

5. Room decor

In welcoming the month with a certain theme, decorating a room can certainly be the best option to complement the atmosphere accordingly. This can be practiced to welcome the current month of fasting with the nuances of Ramadan.

Let's invite your little one to decorate his bedroom with various Ramadan-themed works of art such as pictures or paintings, ornaments, other adorable decorations.

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