When Eating, Remember the Hippocratic Message That Says "You Are What You Eat"

Post On 19 Mar 2021

'You are what you eat'. It is an expression popularized by the Greek philosopher Hippocrates from observing how many people get sick because they are ignorant of what they eat.

The phrase remains relevant today. Poor diet has an impact on our health as well. The effect was only realized at a later date.

Apart from diet, four main pillars must be considered in fulfilling balanced nutrition, namely diligently exercising, maintaining normal body weight, consuming various types of food, and implementing the principle of a clean life. If it meets the balanced nutrition index, the risk of non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, can be avoided.

The first pillar is to be diligent in exercising. To improve health and fitness, a person needs to do physical activity on a regular, planned, structured and systematic basis. This can be done by jogging or cycling.

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The second pillar is maintaining ideal body weight. When your weight loss program is successful, the next step is to maintain it.

When dieting to lose weight, of course it needs to be supported by efforts to maintain the food consumed. When the ideal body weight has been reached, you should continue this diet. However, that does not mean torturing yourself with a very low-calorie intake.

Try to apply the principles of healthy eating. For example, reducing the consumption of fried, coconut milk, fatty, sweet foods/drinks. In addition, multiply it to eat fruits and vegetables.

Third, consume various types of food. Eating healthy food is important for the digestive organs to function optimally. Eat fiber-rich foods, such as vegetables, fruits, or whole grains, regularly. In addition to helping intestinal function, fibrous foods can help the proliferation of good bacteria in the body.

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Fourth, live the principle of clean life. Starting from washing hands before eating with clean water and soap. As well as preparing and serving food in a clean state. Included in a clean lifestyle is living a healthy lifestyle, such as avoiding the consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, and things that can endanger health.
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