When Unifam CEO Talks about Unspoken Heroes of Every Life

Post On 25 May 2021

The transition process of the CEO of PT United Family Food (Unifam) from Susylia Sukana to Steven Wijaya can be called organic. In the process, Steven had to work hard to prove to management that the leadership shift was right.

Susy's message to Steven was only one, maintaining the good ones and fixing the shortcomings. This big mandate then made Steven study all Unifam businesses.

Steven's first month was spent just listening to the voices of his employees, supervisors, managers, and distributors. What is good and what is not good are excavated, then ask their views, what needs to be improved.

At that time, Steven immediately designed a new vision and mission for Unifam which would lead to success. A vision and mission that makes the organization more focused. As a result, the organization knows what it wants to do.

As a leader, Steven wants the vision and mission to be the result of a collaborative approach from all top management. The hope is that the vision and mission can be carried out and shared by all employees and management.

"To make one sentence vision, it took us 3 months. So actually once every two weeks we meet a management meeting and once a management meeting it can be all day. After 3 months, a vision sentence appeared. The mission is not yet, "said Steven.

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In his reflection on looking for a vision and mission, Steven found several values ??that were very attached to the figure of Susy. Namely, someone who is very forgiving always prioritizes kinship and a strong woman. One more thing, Susy is a businesswoman who always gives the best for her family even though she takes up a lot of time for work.

From there Steven then thought, he was sure Susy was not alone in this world. There must be many people who are the same as Mrs. Susy. Who are they?

“They are unspoken heroes of every life. They are people who are not exposed to the media, people who are less attractive for journalists to cover. Or maybe no one ever knows his struggles and so on. And if these people are not there, it will not make a family grow and become an important milestone in one society, "explained Steven.

It was in the process of contemplating that Steven finally found the mission that Unifam would use. "And this mission was made not because of being cool, but this mission came from the heart of the founder," said Steven.

So the mission that will be served by Unifam is To honor the unspoken hero of everyday life in every family. "I hope this becomes a clear mission for Unifam. And in the future, if we do CSR, we will no longer distribute the rice. But I will use the funds to help someone out there from an orphaned family where for the sake of his younger siblings he was forced to drop out of school and work to pay for his younger siblings' school. "We want to use the CSR funds for that person's scholarship, to unspoken the hero," said Steven.

So, to be able to carry out this mission, what kind of company will Unifam be? Unifam's vision is "To become a customer experience-oriented world–class player with a positive team and family spirit in the food industry".

This vision contains three important components which form a combination of Unifam's strategy and the culture it wants to build. The three components are:

1. To become a customer experience (CX)
2. Oriented world-class player (operational excellent)
3. a positive team and family spirit in the food industry (culture)

Furthermore, Steven said that the combination of customer experience and operational excellence was the strategy chosen by Unifam. Meanwhile, the culture that Unifam wants to build is "a positive team and family spirit in the food industry."

"So that this vision becomes something meaningful. So we believe if we build from this culture a positive team and family spirit, with a combined strategy of customer experience (CX) and operational excellence, it is hoped that we can realize our mission, "explained Steven.

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