Know the Difference and Uses between Evaporated Milk and Sweetened Condensed Milk

Post On 18 Mar 2021

There are many types of processed milk circulating in the market. Powdered milk, sweetened condensed milk or sweetened condensed milk (SKM), and evaporated milk. So what's the difference? And, is it different how to use it?

Okay, let's discuss this in more detail. Yes, sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk have different uses. This means that sweetened condensed milk cannot replace evaporated milk and vice versa.

Evaporated milk is milk that has a thick texture because it has reduced water content. This happens because evaporated milk comes from fresh liquid milk which undergoes a heating process with high temperatures.

Another case of sweetened condensed milk starts with the same process as evaporated milk. Fresh milk is boiled down to half in volume to produce a heavy cream product. Then add sugar. This process makes the condensed milk taste sweet.

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The high sugar content in SKM produces a thick texture and seems sticky, besides this sugar is what makes SKM more durable even though it is stored for years. This is different from evaporated milk which has a more fluid texture because there is no added sugar during the manufacturing process. In addition, the shelf life of evaporated milk is shorter than that of SKM.

Although different, the two kinds of milk have used for food processing. Evaporated milk can be directly mixed in cake batter or melted first. Sweetened condensed milk is usually used for dessert. Sweetened condensed milk is also often used to make bread.

Both are also beneficial for health because they have calcium in their womb. The high protein and calorie content in evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk make it a good source of energy. In addition, the protein in it also plays a role in maintaining the function of cells in the body and muscles.

There are various brands of evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk circulating in Indonesia. One of them, PT United Family Food (Unifam), which sells Sweetened Condensed Milkita. Sweetened Thick Milkita can be used as a flavor enhancer for drinks, poured over desserts, or it can also be a filling for catch bread. Milkita sweetened condensed milk can also be a substitute for the creamer function.

Sweetened Thick Milkita contains high calcium and phosphorus. Made from fresh milk, Milkita's sweetened condensed milk maintains healthy bones and helps children's bone growth.

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