The Appropriateness of the Marketing Concept to Determine the Success of Unifam Product Distribution

Post On 29 Mar 2021

PT United Family Food (Unifam) products have now been marketed overseas. However, before being successful in the global market, Unifam had difficulty selling its products to the local market.

Several years ago when Unifam was still called Unican, the distribution process to areas outside Jakarta faced obstacles. Slamet Timan, currently the Head of General Trade Unifam, talked about the process of opening up distribution in several parts of western Indonesia.

"At that time Unican did its own distribution under PT Fajar Gunung Sentosa. The distribution is different from the current one, ”said the man who has joined Unifam for 26 years.

Slamet acknowledged that there were many obstacles in marketing Unifam products. Mainly about coverage. Distribution problems contributed to slowing growth. But this is a challenge that needs to be solved immediately.

Then in 1996, Unican decided to look for partners who were experts in distributing Unican products in the regions. "But in reality, at that time it was not easy to convince distributors to want to market our products," explained Slamet.

Luckily, Wirman Ali Umar, who happened to be the Sales Marketing Manager at that time, has a distributor network in the Sumatra, Java, and Bali areas. As a result, almost 80% of distributors in the area are willing to accept and market Unican products.

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Marketing Concept

The next step after getting Sumatra, Java, and Bali distributor partners is to formulate a marketing concept. Kotler's marketing experts define marketing or marketing as "A societal process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and what through creating, offering, and freely exchanging products and services of value with other" (Kotler, 2000: 8).

That is, marketing is a process that forms a relationship between producers and individuals or groups in delivering products, namely goods and services, carried out to meet needs and desires in order to achieve a higher level of satisfaction through the creation of quality products.

Marketing concepts are in the area of ??determining target markets, determining market segmentation, and potential segmentation, needs and wants, demand, product and supply, value and satisfaction, exchange and transactions, relationships and networks, marketing channels, sales chains, competition, climate market and determining the marketing mix strategy.

Meanwhile, the steps or types of marketing activities are determined by techniques such as direct marketing, media support, personal selling, and sales promotion. In addition to marketing techniques, it is necessary to pay attention to and consider the use of visuals and the right message as the main requirement of the success of a promotional program.

"The marketing budget is very large, and at that time there was no budget to make advertisements for our products on television. But thanks to one of our partners, helping us to make advertisements on television. And it is true after the ad aired on television, our product Cola Candy exploded, "said Slamet.

Since then the distributor network has become stronger, equipped with a marketing concept that has also begun to be targeted. Finally, new products developed such as Jagoan Neo, Super Zuper, Chip Chip Chup, all of which were successful in the market.

Not only the domestic market, from year to year, but Unifam is also aggressively expanding the export market. In 2020, Unifam's export sales were recorded to have reached as many as 20 countries with the addition of new export destinations such as Maldives, Vanuatu, and Fiji.

Currently, Milkita's products are still the backbone as export products to several countries. Besides Milkita, Unifam also exports Jagoan Neon products, Kiko Ice Stick, Pino Ice Cup, Super Zuper, and Milkita Kental Manis.
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