Unifam's Creative Style Introduces Nutritious Food to Orphanages Through Storytelling

Post On 28 May 2021

Most recently, Unifam initiated the Unifam Care For Society program by donating products to three orphanages in West Jakarta and Cikande, Serang.

With the theme "Unifam Berbagi Kasih", this program is a form of Unifam's commitment and concern for the community, especially children around Unifam offices and factories.

The event was symbolically handed over to the Hati Bangsa Orphanage in West Jakarta (27/5). Also attending the occasion, Unifam CEO Steven E. Wijaya along with several employee representatives who also became employee volunteers.

Steven emphasized that Unifam has a mission to give the highest appreciation to the people and communities around them. "Unifam Care For Society is a concrete manifestation of our mission. Hopefully, the donations we provide will be of use to increase nutrition and nutrition for the children here, especially amid the Covid-19 pandemic," he explained.

The Unifam Care For Society program is getting more real with employee participation. They took part in giving donations in the form of daily clothes, shoes, and children's toys. Not only giving donations, Unifam also provides education through fairy tales in collaboration with Bobo Magazine. The fairy tale contains messages of knowledge about nutritious food and drinks.

This activity received appreciation from Firidina, the person in charge of the Hati Bangsa Orphanage. He expressed his gratitude for Unifam's concern. Moreover, in this event, there is education about nutritious food intake, so that children can understand more about the importance of health.

"Hopefully this activity can provide benefits for the health of children during the pandemic and provide lessons about good nutrition," he said.

Furthermore, donations will be given to two other orphanages, namely Pondok Yatim & Dhuafa (West Jakarta), and Sahabat Yatim & Dhuafa Al-Ihsan (Cikande).

Unifam Care For Society is one of the three pillars of corporate social responsibility (CSR) at Unifam. Unifam Care For Society focuses on fostering development and contributing positively to people's lives. Not only Unifam Care For Society, but other pillars are also Unifam Care For Environment and Unifam Care For Wellness. In Unifam Care For Environment, Unifam is fully committed to reducing environmental impacts in all its operational areas.

Meanwhile, Unifam Care For Wellness, Unifam appreciates everyone through a positive culture by promoting diversity and freedom of thought to create strong and happy individuals.

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Support "Mudik Sehat Dari Rumah"

In addition, this May, Unifam supported the "Mudik Sehat Dari Rumah" campaign (1/5) as an effort to support public communication in facing the prevention of the increasingly massive spread of Covid-19.

"Mudik Sehat Dari Rumah" initiated by Journalists Concerning Public Health (JPKM). This campaign aims to prevent the addition of new Covid-19 cases, without breaking the relationship with relatives in their hometowns during Eid.

Socialization of the use of technology to support relationships with family during a pandemic is the best solution for shared health security.

Unifam as a producer of processed food that produces healthy family snacks, also supports the use of this technology, so that the atmosphere of Eid will still be felt even though the distance is separated. Even the presence of healthy snacks for the family will add to the joy of welcoming this year's Eid.

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