A Line of Tasty but Nutritious Sweet Food Eaten Upon Breaking The Fast After Being Mixed with Milkita's Sweetened Condensed Milk

Post On 23 Apr 2021

Breaking the fast is the most eagerly awaited time during the month of Ramadan. Not just quenching thirst, but enjoying the iftar menu is also part of worship. As a result, breaking the fast will be even more special with the presence of several sweet foods eaten upon breaking the fast. Especially if it's not for the temptation to eat it.

What are the options for sweet foods that are eaten upon breaking the fast that is not only tempting but also nutritious? Check out below

1. Fruit Ice

Fruit is indeed a type of food that is recommended for breaking the fast. The content of vitamins and minerals in it is very useful for the body.

In Indonesia, fruit as an iftar menu is created into fruit soup. Various tropical fruits consisting of melons, dragon fruit, grapes, apples, and sometimes jelly which have been cut mixed with ice cubes, syrup, and sweetened condensed milk, do give a taste with an extraordinary sensation when eaten when breaking the fast.

Add nutritious sweetened condensed milk for added benefits. Moreover, Milkita Sweetened Condensed Milk is made with fresh milk, Milkita sweetened condensed milk is effective in maintaining bone health, and helps the absorption of Calcium because it has a high content of Vitamin D.

2. Sweet Martabak

Sweet martabak is one of the snacks favored by many people. Sweet martabak is also known as the moonlight in some areas. Besides its delicious taste, how to make sweet martabak is easy and practical.

Sweet martabak can also be given a variety of toppings, ranging from cheese, sprinkles, chocolate, peanuts, blueberry jam, and so on. So that this sweet food is very popular with the community.

You can also mix Milkita Sweetened Condensed Milk as a martabak topping. Besides being delicious, Sweetened Thick milkita contains high calcium and phosphorus so it is also healthy for the body.

3. Es Pisang Ijo

This snack from South Sulawesi combines a sweet dough from rice flour such as marrow porridge and banana wrapped in legit green flour. Usually eaten by adding ice cubes and coco pandan syrup, it can also be sprinkled with peanuts.

Bananas themselves are dense in nutrient content. Potassium, fiber, iron, and various other vitamins and minerals are contained in bananas. Bananas can be a good source of energy and antioxidants and improve digestion.

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4. Compote

Sweet compote is very suitable to be served as sweet foods eaten upon breaking the fast-breaking the Ramadan fast. The methods and ingredients for making compote are also very easy to find, and the variants can vary according to your taste. Can contain bananas, sweet potatoes, cassava, or yellow pumpkin combined with the sweetness of a combination of coconut milk and brown sugar.

Besides being delicious, bananas and tubers that are rich in vitamins and minerals play a role in maintaining your health. Delicious, especially when eaten cold.

5. Dates

This fruit has many health benefits. One of the most important compounds is tannins, a type of polyphenol antioxidant. This can reduce inflammation and boost the immune system.

6. Green Bean Porridge

Green bean porridge can be used as an alternative meal for breaking the fast. Besides being able to be served warm, this durian green bean porridge is also delicious when served with ice. Besides its delicious and sweet taste, green bean porridge is also rich in benefits for the body.

7. Young Coconut

Drinking coconut water when breaking the fast, apparently can neutralize dehydration after the body does not get intake for about 14 hours. Also, coconut water contains electrolytes that function to restore energy lost after activities during the day.

Not only that, when breaking the fast, young coconut water seems to be a drink that is very easy for the body to absorb. It is more delicious to eat if the coconut fruit is young and soft.

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