Cola Candy Becomes Unifam's Sales Machine at the Beginning

Post On 18 Mar 2021

Products made by Unifam are well known in the market. It is a form of hard work from the founder of Unifam. The hard work is not just formulating quality products that are relevant to the market, but also formulating accurate strategies.

Not an easy step in marketing a product. In the early days, the strategy applied in introducing products was by testing products to the market. It turned out that this mechanism did not work. Seven of the eight candy brands produced had to be withdrawn from the market because they did not sell well. Until the end of 1988, sales were not as expected. The product has difficulty penetrating the market.

The bitter experience changed little by little after the arrival of Cola Candy, which became the cutting edge product. This product is what makes Unifam a company with a slick performance. The story went sweet. Now, Unifam already has various types of products that have received a positive response from the public.

Is Tjhin Kim Sun, the figure behind the success story of Cola Candy. He knows very well how to formulate a product that is acceptable to the market. Asun, as he is usually called, tells the ins and outs of introducing Cola Candy.

The man who is now 60 years old tries to remember and recall his memory when he first sold the Cola Candy. In 1988, Tjhin Kim Sun began to join Unican (now Unifam) as sales.

Asun and 6 other salespeople got the task to sell Unican products. One of them is Cola Candy. At that time Asun was the youngest salesman among the six salespeople.

Asun had the wrong idea because at first, he was so sure that selling candy for Rp. 25 would be much easier than selling shoes for Rp. 35 thousand. Given that before joining Unican, Asun worked as a shoe salesman.

The first month selling Cola Candies, Asun had a hard time and almost gave up. Moreover, it is added to the fact that many traders are reluctant to sell Cola Candy. That's where he realized Cola Candy was hard to sell on the retail market.

At that time, Asun even heard rumors that if Cola Candy didn't make it to the market, the company would close down. This is because some of the previous products also failed to penetrate the market so that Cola Candy was the last hope.

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Asun then racked his brains. Then the idea emerged to collaborate with hawkers. In order for them to be interested, Asun also enticed them with t-shirts. This move finally bears sweet fruit. All merchandise sold out.

The strategy of promoting the sale of Cola Candy with the lure of t-shirts has also succeeded in attracting the attention of more traders and shop owners. Until then in 1989 the sales of Cola Candy exploded thanks to a promo to buy 2 bags of Cola Candy with a t-shirt prize.

After the success of selling Cola Candy in shops and hawkers. The next challenge is to sell Cola Candy from semi wholesaler to wholesaler. In his journey, there were almost no obstacles when he first offered Cola Candy to a grocery store. Everything becomes easy because Cola Candy has become known to the public.

Success with Cola Candy, in 1991 Unican tried to release its newest product, Super Zuper. This product has almost no problems like Cola Candy, Super Zuper has also successfully penetrated the market.

Then in 1992, Unican released its newest product Jagoan Neon. The fate of this product is the same as the Super Zuper, which is easily accepted by the market. These three products then made Unican even more successful.

“Sales for Super Zuper and Jagoan Neon are very good. There are almost no obstacles whatsoever. Like wanting to cross to a river, there is already a bridge. The bridge is Cola Candy. Other products are just a ride away, "concluded Asun.

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