The Story of the Founder of Unifam which is the Message of the Father as a Guide to Developing Business

Post On 20 Apr 2021

Talking about business, anyone can make a business. Either small or large scale business. The question is, how long can the business run? A year, two years, or a dozen years?

What if the business has been running for decades? Of course, it is not easy and requires extraordinary struggle.

That is what Susylia Sukana, founder and owner of Unifam did. Apart from a long struggle, Susylia said the family factor was also a major supporter. This hardworking woman believes that the full involvement of the family is consistently what makes Unifam great as it is today.

From Susy's experience, the support of her parents, older siblings, husbands, children, nieces, and nephews has become a major source of strength. Susy's father, Fong Bung Kong, is a gold shop trader in Makassar City.

Fong always emphasized the values ??of discipline and hard work to all of his children. Fong and his wife are also very concerned about education. They direct all their children to complete the highest possible education.

Fong thinks that the knowledge that has been implanted will not just disappear. By knowing, someone will be able to create something that is
help him survive.

“My father always said that it was useless to leave my property but you don't know. You better use this money to study, why? Because knowledge will not be lost, ”said Susy, imitating her father's words.

After high school, Susy still has not decided to continue his education to higher education. Especially at that time, Susy saw Harsono's brother not continuing his studies

To fill her time, Susy takes many courses such as sewing, flower arranging, languages, and many others. Knowing this, Fong advised Susy to leave all courses and continue studying.

"What are you studying those kinds of things for. It's better for you to have one sharp knife than to have ten knives but not sharp, ”cried the father.
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Treat Employees Like Family

In developing the company, Susy also considers every employee to be a family. Susy started her leadership with a mother's empathy. Empathy is born of love. He is someone who understands his interlocutors, especially employees.

Susy knows almost all of her employees, from their names, traits, characters to their performance. "Maybe because the number of my employees at that time was still very limited, so I could get to know them better," said Susy modestly.

Like a house, for Susy, employees are members of her extended family. As a result, Susy easily reached out to ease his employees' distress.

Susy's attention is not enough for her employees to get sick. Even the employee's family (child, wife, husband, or employee's parent) who is sick will be helped both materially and psychologically.

When an employee is grieved because his family has died, he tries to show his condolences. This includes when an employee is married. Susy always tried to come on that happy day.

Fenti Susiana, Unifam Group Tax Staff who has worked for 21 years at Unifam Group has her own story about the figure of Susylia. In Fenti's eyes, Susy's leadership style from the past until now has not changed. Susy is a caring and motherly boss. For Fenti, Susy is a leader who is very concerned, especially for employees who have children.

"Apart from the company leader, she is also the mother of four children. Because of that he understands and understands very well with us, employees who have children. Sometimes when a child is sick, we continue to ask permission, they are immediately given. It doesn't stop there, sometimes he also asks how our child is, where have they been treated, and so on. The point is, I pay attention, "said Fenti enthusiastically.

Because they consider all employees as part of their own family, employees also consider Unifam as their second family.

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