Fasting Month Is The Most Appropriate Moment To Create A Healthy Diet

Post On 14 Apr 2021

Thankfully, the month of Ramadan has finally come. This is the most awaited month for Muslims. And, coincidentally, the fasting month offers many health benefits.

One advantage in question is the moment to control a healthier diet. Setting a healthy and balanced diet for breaking the fast is important. Because, after a day of fasting, the body needs adequate nutritional intake.

First, you should start adjusting your diet at dawn. Even though suhoor is done early in the morning, it does not mean eating food as soon as it is prepared. Because sahoor is far more important than breaking the fast. The body must be provided with sufficient nutrition until it is time to break the fast.

Start sahoor by drinking a glass of water. During fasting, the body will lose a lot of fluids. Next, choose healthy foods that are easily digested at dawn.

Vegetables and fruits are also important for you to consume at dawn. Both contain vitamins and minerals needed to maintain stamina, such as potassium, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, iron, and magnesium. Many vitamins and minerals play a role in various metabolisms in the body.

Then it is advisable to prioritize foods from the complex carbohydrate type. For example brown rice or whole wheat bread. Increase vegetables and high-fiber fruits to avoid constipation or constipation.

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Furthermore, when breaking the fast, first drink water to prevent dehydration and provide a supply of fluids for the body that has been fasting all day.

Remember, when you hear Azan, be sure to immediately drink or consume foods rich in fluids. The intake must be low in fat and must contain enough natural sugars to provide energy needs. Avoid intake that contains a lot of added sugar.

Fluid needs can also be met with fruit juice between the hours of breaking the fast and before going to bed at night. It is recommended when breaking the fast to avoid overeating and enjoy food slowly. That way it will avoid indigestion.

There is nothing wrong with breaking the fast with delicious things as long as it is healthy. You can also try the Pino Ice Cup as a snack when breaking the fast. Flavored drink in the form of a cup (Ice Cup) which has a variety of fruit flavors, grape, strawberry, and orange.

Made with a blend of fruit flavors that provide freshness and real sugar without artificial sweeteners. Of course, Pino Ice Cup is better if previously frozen in the refrigerator and enjoyed cold.

The moment of breaking the fast with family and friends is even more enjoyable with the Pino Ice Cup which can be purchased at the nearest convenience store and convenience store.

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