Raw Materials for Unifam Products from Fresh Cow's Milk with High Quality

Post On 12 Mar 2021

Agribusiness related to dairy cow's milk has benefits and potentials that can be developed in Indonesia. This country has opportunities in developing dairy farming because it is supported by the geographical, ecological, and land fertility conditions in Indonesia that allow its development.

As a result, many dairy farms have emerged in Indonesia. Dairy cattle farms can contribute to the development of the Indonesian economy, especially for rural communities.

One of the largest dairy farms in Indonesia is managed by the Bogor Dairy Production and Animal Husbandry Cooperative (KPS). This cooperative has been established since 1970 with the number of members currently reaching 785 breeders with 270 active members.

In the development of its business, this cooperative can distribute pure cow's milk products to several companies. One of them went to PT United Family Food (Unifam).

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Unifam sees the importance of cooperation with cooperative partners to increase the empowerment of local dairy farmers and knowledge about sustainable livestock for the advancement of the fresh milk industry in Indonesia.

Unifam also sees that people's awareness of drinking milk every day shows a positive trend and is now part of the community's commitment to live a healthy lifestyle, especially to support the family's immune system. The need for a supply of animal protein or fresh cow's milk continues to increase and this is a joint opportunity to advance the potential of Indonesian dairy farmers.

The partnership also proves that the raw material for products from Unifam comes from fresh cow's milk. Fresh cow's milk is very beneficial because it contains calcium, protein, and various vitamins that are good for our bodies. Milk is also known to have other benefits for our health, such as unsaturated fats, vitamins K-1 and K-2, and probiotics.

Of course, the milk raw materials are processed into various Unifam products. For example, Milkita sweetened condensed milk. Milkita sweetened condensed milk contains high calcium and phosphorus. Made with fresh milk, Milkita's sweetened condensed milk is effective in maintaining healthy bones and helping children's bone growth.

Besides that, there is also Milkita milk candy. Milkita milk candy is made from fresh cow's milk so it has a myriad of nutritional goodness from milk for growing children. Practical, very good for consumption by children and all family members.

Until now, Milkita Milk Candy has become the choice of Indonesian families. Especially for children who need additional nutrition that can be obtained from Milkita Milk candy which is rich in calcium.
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