Practice This Strategy When Your Child Has Lazy School Syndrome After Long Holidays

Post On 27 May 2021

After a long vacation, it is common for a person to feel lazy about returning to work. This post-holiday syndrome is also experienced by children. The long vacation time makes them less enthusiastic about going to school.

But what if the children show reluctance to go to school after a long vacation? Certainly, make us confused and surprised. Especially if the child shows signs of striking school!

So, so that the children are still enthusiastic about going to school after the holidays, try to practice the following tips:

A. Improve Sleep Time

During the month off, the child's sleeping hours can change. Initially sleeping orderly at 9 at night, now he often sleeps after midnight. So that the habit does not continue, it is better to improve children's sleep patterns the week before the first day of school.

Advance the hours of sleep every day by 1 hour and wake your little one up early. This method can prevent children from experiencing insomnia when going to school.

B. Get up early

Get used to your little one getting up in the morning. During the holidays, children will get used to getting up late. However, about a week before entering school, try to get the child back to waking up in the morning. This is so that children are not "shocked" when they have to get up early to go to school.

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C. Offering special provisions and breakfast

To enter school full of enthusiasm, offer a special menu for breakfast and lunch. Try making your favorite lunch box and decorate it beautifully so that Monday morning is colorful. Invite all family members to eat together while encouraging each other. So that the child will feel comfortable and excited to return to activities on Monday.

For refreshing snacks, you can use the PINO Ice Cup. The PINO Ice Cup can be purchased at the nearest convenience store and is available in grape, strawberry, and orange flavors.

PINO Ice Cup is very practical because when you buy it you can buy it in liquid form, so you don't have to rush home for fear of melting like ice in general.

D. Together prepare school equipment

For younger school children, having new school supplies can increase their enthusiasm for going to school.

Asking children to prepare school equipment by themselves can foster independence, but preparing it together with parents can make children feel cared for and supported.

For example, provide a new pencil and stationery holder or a new lunch box according to the child's taste, which they can enjoy on the first day of school.

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