The reason for chewing milkita milk candy is fitting to fulfill nutrition and entertain yourself during a pandemic

Post On 27 Jan 2021

Chewing snacks can get rid of boredom at home. Especially in the recent pandemic. Now it remains only to choose the type of snack that is easy to chew while remaining healthy to entertain yourself.

Of the many choices, please try the Milkita milk candy and also the Milkita lollipop. Chew three milkita lollipops, the calorie content is equivalent to a glass of milk. With a distinctive taste, this snack produced by PT United Family Food (Unifam) is easily liked by children and parents.

In addition, Milkita's milk candy can be a mainstay for mothers whose children are less fond of drinking milk. Milkita Milk Candy can help meet children's nutritional needs. As a result, this candy is the best choice for their snacks. Here are the advantages of Milkita milk candy:

1. Tastes Good

This Unifam flagship product is so popular because it tastes so good. There are four variants of Milkita candy flavors, namely milk, chocolate, strawberry, melon that Unifamers can try.

Milkita milk candy is made from fresh cow's milk so it has a myriad of nutritional goodness from milk for your baby's growth. Practical, very good for consumption by children and all family members.

2. Attractive Packaging

With a very beautiful and unique packaging design, making children love Milkita Milk Candy. In addition, this delicious milk candy with high calcium which helps bone strength is packaged in a modern design with a cute cow character named “Milki”.

3. Guaranteed Halal

The easiest way to identify the halal and haram of a product is by looking at the halal label or logo. Milkita's products have passed the halal test from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). In addition, Milkita milk candy is also guaranteed safe for consumption because it has a permit from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM).

4. Nutritious Candy

Choosing the choice of Milkita milk candy is a wise decision. Made from the best-selected ingredients high in calcium to help develop bones and teeth. Three Milkita lollipops have the calories equivalent of a glass of milk so they can increase energy.

5. Affordable Prices

The price of Milkita milk candy is very affordable. In addition, these candies are sold in various shops and convenience stores closest to the house. Unifamers can also buy it directly online.

Enjoying milk by sipping and chewing is certainly very enjoyable. If you are lazy to drink milk directly, eating Milkita milk candy is a very appropriate alternative. We recommend Milkita milk candy for you or your child who likes milk candy with a sweet fruit combination. Let's try!

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