Unifam Focuses on Digital Marketing Strategies to Adapt to Behavior Changes

Post On 30 Apr 2021

The digital world has changed consumer behavior a lot. Especially during a pandemic that has helped encourage people to adopt digital technology. In addition, it is also a contactless interaction solution from having to do social distancing.

PT United Family Food (Unifam) realizes this. COO of PT United Family Food Wishnu Pramuji said that activities in the digital realm are tools to help drive business growth.

Especially in pandemic conditions, where the portion of direct promotional activities to consumers will decrease. "We are trying to maximize digital activities from all existing platforms," ??said Wishnu.

Concretely, the Milkita Surprise Box is routinely given to Milkita's Instagram followers. In addition, it is also supported by the development of local and international e-commerce channels with the tagline "Kita Kuat, Kita Sehat" for Indonesia.

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"Innovations in the digital realm and new products have a significant impact on Unifam's business performance. Unifam's business can grow 18 percent during a pandemic which is full of challenges and limitations, Unifam's business can grow up to 18 percent, "said Wishnu.

This success is certainly not the result of a day's work. Previously, Unifam conducted a research process to present interesting and relevant content for consumers. Research starts from determining the content objectives, target market, and audience.

Furthermore, Unifam also analyzes the content and determines the distribution channel so that it is right on target. The last stage, namely the evaluation of each project is carried out so that there will be a lot of insight data so that it will continue to be adaptive.

"This year, the target to be achieved from digital marketing is to increase 200% of followers and increase the sales growth of E-Commerce by 5 times," said Wishnu.

To prepare these targets, Unifam's digital marketing budget will be increased again by 50% compared to 2020. In addition to strengthening funds, Unifam also continues to improve knowledge from human resources (HR) so that it can remind business developments and people's consumption styles. For example, by attending training and workshops.

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