5 Drinks That Refresh Thirst During Fasting All Day

Post On 28 Apr 2021

Fresh drinks are a favorite of some people to break their fast. Moreover, many kinds of fresh drinks are easy to get. Starting from coconut ice, fruit ice, and others.

However, if you are tired of some of these fresh drinks, you can try other iced drinks because there are many choices of fresh ice that are delicious to eat when breaking the fast. Here are the options:

1. Ice grass jelly

One of the typical drinks in the month of Ramadan that is delicious and refreshing to the body is grass jelly ice. Usually, ice grass jelly is made from a mixture of grass jelly in the form of jelly and added with various fruits. The taste is sweet and fresh, able to relieve thirst after fasting all day.

2. Es Kolang Kaling

Es Kolang-Kaling is often the choice for breaking the fast. Kolang-kaling itself is the seed of the palm fruit. To remove the fruit, boil the harvested palm fruit first to remove the sap. After boiling, the palm fruit is peeled and then the seeds are taken in the form of back and forth. You can easily buy ready-to-eat frogs in traditional markets and supermarkets.

Kolang-kaling has a chewy texture and is rich in nutrients because they have a very high water content. The frogs also contain protein, carbohydrates, calcium, antioxidants, and many others. For that, don't hesitate to eat again and again! You can process and fro into a variety of dishes.

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3. Es Campur

Iftar is not complete without a sweet and refreshing mixed ice menu. Its sweet and refreshing taste is felt to be able to quench the thirst after a day of fasting.

Moreover, the contents are complete with various fruits, nuts, grass jelly, nata de coco to cendol. However, if there is no nata de coco jelly, it can be used as an alternative to making Es Campur.

You can replace it with PINO Jelly which is cut into cubes and mixed with syrup and ice. This new product from Unifam can be used as an alternative to dessert when breaking the fast, which is not only refreshing but also contains konjac, which is high in fiber and helps improve digestion.

PINO Jelly is available in the aroma and taste of fresh fruits, namely mango and pineapple with a cup size of 90 grams. For the convenience of consumers getting PINO Jelly, Unifam has presented it in the nearest stores and online at Unifam's official store marketplaces, namely Tokopedia and Shopee.

4. Es Doger

Es Doger is made from puter ice with various toppings. Starting from slices of avocado, sticky tape, slices of white bread, to black sticky rice. Usually, Es Doger is served in a glass doused with liquid Javanese sugar sauce and various syrups.

5. Es Pisang Ijo

Even though the name is Es Pisang Ijo, it doesn't use bananas complete with green skin. Pisang Ijo ice is usually made from bananas wrapped in green flour dough from the juice of pandan leaves.

Usually, Es Pisang Ijo is served complete with additional marrow porridge, shavings of ice cubes, then doused with syrup and mixed with Sweetened Thick Milkita which is not only delicious but also rich in nutrients.

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