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Today the products of PT United Family Food (Unifam) are present in over 12 countries with a various range of candies, desserts, dairies, snacks as well as a healthier alternative line of instant noodles.

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Unifam Gives Donations to Natural Disaster Victims in NTT

Following up on the disaster that occurred in East Nusa Tenggara, PT United Family Food (Unifam) as a leading food and beverage company in Indonesia donated 100 cartons of Pino Jelly to the victims there through #SaveNTT volunteers. This donation is a form of Unifam's concern to meet the food needs of disaster victims, especially children.
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Indonesian Family Favorite Milkita Wins Indonesia WOW Brand Award 2021

Milkita, one of the superior products of PT United Family Food (Unifam) won the Bronze WOW Brand Award 2021 in the category of consumer goods candy last weekend (25/3). This award is a testament to the consistency and success of Milkita's customer experience strategy both through online (digital) and offline (activation) through the "Kita Kuat, Kita Sehat" campaign.
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The Appropriateness of the Marketing Concept to Determine the Success of Unifam Product Distribution

PT United Family Food (Unifam) products have now been marketed overseas. However, before being successful in the global market, Unifam had difficulty selling its products to the local market.
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Beware of Fraud Work on behalf of PT United Family Food (Unifam)

We inform you that PT United Family Food (Unifam), especially the recruitment department, has never had an Instagram account for official recruitment purposes.
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When Eating, Remember the Hippocratic Message That Says "You Are What You Eat"

'You are what you eat. It is an expression popularized by the Greek philosopher Hippocrates from observing how many people get sick because they are ignorant of what they eat.
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Can Eating Candy Damage Your Children's Teeth? These are the facts!

Another dilemma hit you when you have to give candy to children. This is due to rumors circulating that the effect of candy on children's teeth is not good and might damage your child's teeth. But what are the facts?
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Cola Candy Becomes Unifam's Sales Machine at the Beginning

Products made by Unifam are well known in the market. It is a form of hard work by the founder of Unifam. The hard work is not just formulating quality products that are relevant to the market, but also formulating accurate strategies.
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Know the Difference and Uses between Evaporated Milk and Sweetened Condensed Milk

There are many types of processed milk circulating in the market. Powdered milk, sweetened condensed milk or sweetened condensed milk (SKM), and evaporated milk. So what's the difference? And, is it different how to use it?
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Introducing Children to Consume a Fruit Early

Which parent is not happy to see their child grow and develop properly. The child looks healthy, lively, and smart. However, that didn't just happen. It takes adequate nutritional intake to support children's growth and development.
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Story of Struggle in Establishing Unifam's First Factory

The birth of various products and innovations from PT United Family Food (Unifam) is certainly not the result of overnight work.
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Raw Materials for Unifam Products from Fresh Cow's Milk with High Quality

Agribusiness related to dairy cow's milk has benefits and potentials that can be developed in Indonesia.
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Looking Back At The Story of The Birth Of The Unifam Group

The forerunner of the Unifam Group originated from the big idea of Harsono Pangjaya.
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